Single layer, multi-purpose exterior facade insulation material in plaster form. The open cell porous natural aggregate, in its mixture, provides HEAT, SOUND, FIRE insulation and has high diffusion ability. It also makes WATER insulation at the same time because of its (positive direction) water repellent structure.

It is directly used on the exterior surfaces of buildings, columns, beams, rough and finishing plaster, brick, bims and gas concrete. For exposed concrete, it is used with THF-015.

• Providing heat, sound, water and fire insulation with only one product
• Contributing to budget by saving in heating and cooling expenses
• No requirement of coating
• No formation of heat bridges due to its inarticulate structure.
• No losses in strength of the building due to application without bolting
• High fire resistance
• Diffusion feature
• Light, so not imposing extra load on the building
• Increasing the value of the building
• No carcinogens
Packaging 20 Kg Craft Bag
Appearance White Granulated Powder
Application Temp Between +5 / +30 °C 
Consumption ( for 1cm ) 4,8 - 5,5 kg/m²/cm
Thickness Changes up to Heating Refion
Application Duration 4 Hours ( at 23°C)
Application Tools Trowel, Plaster Pump
Drying Period : (23 °C - %50 relative )
First Layer.............................: 24 hour
Final Layer...........................: 48 hour
Test Layer.....: 28 days
Application Surface Plaster, Brick, Bims, Gas Concrete, Exposed Concrete 
(Please contact to our technical department for other substrates)
Shelf Life 2 Years
(in dry condition)
Thermal Conductivity (T1) 60 min
Compressive Strenght CSII ( 3,29 N/mm² )
Adhesion Strength 6,4 Kgf/cm² (≥3Kgf/cm²)
Kcapillary Water Absorption (W1) 0,121 kg/m² min⁰′⁵
Vapor Conductivity 3 (≤ 15)
Sodium Chloride Resistance 4,20 % (≤ %10)
Sodium Sulphate Resistance 7,2 % (≤ %10)
Sulphuric Acid Resistance 6 % (≤ %10)
Sound Insulation Value 23 db (3cm/500hz)
Fire Class A-1 Non-flammable
Fire Resistance F90 ( 90 minutes)
According to thickness of the application it can rise to F-120 or F180.