Inorganic, binder based special system material in a plaster form. TCM-410 and TCI-480 are applicable on the material. It is used on both interior and exterior facades of building and also on brickgas concrete, bims block, briquette etc. for HEAT and SOUND insulation.

It is applied on exterior facades of new buildings, brick, bims, gas concrete and briquette as rough plaster.

• Providing heat insulation
• Providing sound insulation inside the buildings and between the rooms in 
hotels, hospitals, schools, office places and all buildings.
• Savings in coating labor
• High fire resistance
• Light, so not imposing extra load to the structure
• Not carcinogens
Packaging 20 Kg Craft Bag
Appearance Granulated Powder
Uygulama Sıcaklığı +5 / +30 °C arası
Consumption (for 1cm) 5,5 kg/m²/cm
Application Tools Trowel, Pump
Practice on 2-7 Day
(23 °C-%50 bağıl nem ve hava sirkülasyonlu ortamda )
Shelf Life 2 Years
( in dry conditions)
Thermal Conductivity (T1) 60 dk
Sound Insulation Values 23 db (3cm/500hz)
Fire Class A-1 Non-flammable
Fire Resistance  F120 (120 minutes)
According to the application thickness may be an F-120 or F180.
Adhesion Strenght Pumice brick, block-Gas
Concrete et al. brick surfaces