Single layer, multi-purpose interior insulation material in plaster form. The open cell porous natural aggregate in its mixture, provides HEAT, SOUND and FIRE insulation. It also has high diffusion ability.

It is used in walls, corridors, stairs, elevator openings of dwellings, hotels, ospitals, schools, trading centers, office buildings etc. for HEAT, SOUND and FIRE nsulation.

• Providing heat, sound and fire insulation between rooms and floors in the interiors with only one product
• Saving space in buildings when it is used for sound insulation
• Not to form any heat or noise bridges due to its inarticulate structure
• High fire resistance
• Diffusion feature
• Light so not imposing extra load on the structure
• Contributing to budget by savings in heating and cooling expenses
• Increasing the value of the building
• Building quiet atmosphere between the rooms in hotels, hospitals, schools, dwellings, off›ces and business centers
• No carcinogens
Appearance White Granulated Powder
Application Temp. Between +5ºC and +30°C
Thickness 2-3 mm
Consuption (for 1cm)  3-3,5 kg/ 3mm (6-7m²/20kg)
Application Duration 60 min
Fire Class A-1
Shelf Life  2 Years
( in dry conditions)