ThermoCoat-Seal (TSL-30) is a special surface protecting emulsion material, based on water and siloxane. It is highly resistant to alkalis.

It is used not only on sloped open air terraces and concrete roofs with Thermocoat Roof (TCÇ-510) material specifically, but also used on all mineral construction materials with porous characteristics and on high alkalic grounds such as brick, concrete, mineral coating and limestone.

• High resistance against ultraviolet rays
• Deep penetration
• High resistance against alkaline
• No affect on vapor permeability of surfaces in a negative way
• Environment friendly because of its water based structure
• Not dissolving, after the cure through completing its chemical reaction.
• Highly durable against outer factors and frost
Packaging Jerry Can
Appearance Whitish Liquid
Application Temp. Between +5ºC and +30°C
Application Thickness 1-2 mm
Application Duration Minimum 6 hours, between layers (Depending on abs) 
Drying Period 24 hours (23°C at 50% relative humidity)
Application Tools Brush
Consumption (for 1cm) 150 gr/m² (Depends on the surface)
Shelf Life 6 months